• Q.1: How many types of membership are there?
  • Ans : There are two types of membership: Free Membership and Paid Membership

  • Q.2: How to pay fees?
  • You can send fees in our online bank account. If you live outside of Pakistan then you can pay via Western Union at our postal address.

    Online Bank Account

  • Q.3: how to inform you after sending fee?
  • Ans:after sending fee you scan the receipt and send us through your email at our email address international members after sending fee send us western union MTCN number, remember when you send us email you must mention sender Name address (city, country), amount and candidate registration number.

  • Q.4:A paid membership can be cancelled or not?
  • Ans: Yes! If the paid member is found guilty for abusing or disturbing other members then paid membership can be cancelled anytime. After the cancellation of membership, the paid member can’t send proposal via e-mail. Fee of paid membership is non-refundable, so before submitting fee think carefully because if your membership gets cancelled once, then you can’t get it back.

  • Q.5: When will our membership convert in paid membership after sending fees?
  • Ans: As soon as we get your fees, we will make you a paid member in 24 working hours. We will inform you via E-mail about your paid membership. After that you can send proposals to other approved candidates.

  • Q.6: Do you confirm the information provided by candidates?
  • Ans: it is the responsibility of both candidates to confirm the information of each other. We do not know anyone personally, so we are not able to give any guarantee of anyone either the person is reliable or not. If we know that someone is not reliable or not give proper information, then we cancel the registration of that candidate.

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